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New about me (2015)
As you can see I've been using this for 6 years now. Started using it in like gr.7 i think and I am now half way threw my first year at uni. I dont write as much as i used to, but ive been writing some stuff lately and thought I'd post it here for old times sake.

Old about me (2009)
writing poems, music lyrics, listening to music, reading writing book uhmm through out my life i've had some struggles and all of my poems are based on myself and personal feelings and experiences unless i say otherwise and plz dont feel bad or petty me k C'est la vie.
I used to be emo but I realized it was stupid to hurt urself just because someone hurt you like really dont make sense so know I cry yell and scream and throw shit oh and of course write poetry <3

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and inny wit a lil scar at the top from being peirced but I took it out

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C'est la vie (which meen thats life)
"Change is impossible if one sees no reason to change"


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