More Blades of Grass

Vintage Words


The body was needle pocked

in spring. When the grass was new

they found her.


Twelve is when females blossom;

a time of learning and seeing

the world and the world's possibilities.

The grass like blades of knives

are tips of kinjals that pierce

her grave surrounded by limp

dandelions and dead daisies.


No one knew her name or place.

Thus, no one came to acknowlege

her going. She has the pauper's

marker, a lot number inside a row

of dirt grown over by weeds.

Only one struggling blade of steel

hard grass cuts out the epitaph

for her unmarked grave.










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Additives substances are in our food too. I say if you see people dying from putting these things in their body don't do it!  

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Amen To That

Tonight I pondered so many different personalities out there, so many bad upbringings from horror to neglect to painful and asked how do you fix a person? We institutionalize care and cures. Leave the helping to professionals (because it could be dangerous). I agree, if you see harmful substances that kill (cigarettes, drugs etc) don't do it. You not only live better and well, you live longer and may die in less agony - Thanks for the read and the insightful comment - Lady A


Lady A