A New View


Anti-religion, anti-god concepts

consider the freedoms: lie, steal, cheat

without guilt, fear, or restraints. 
Corrupting youth, anarchy, sedition?

All acceptable. Broken rules strewn

about the feet that stomp and kick

all comers. Sin is a god concept, so

athiesm's opposite has no hell

concept, no magically empowered

fiends with fire threats or eternal

anything. Athiests die and eventually

become ash - nothing more. Ultimately,



Pro-god conceptualists have a billion

faces for god(s). Wars are fought

to prove their righteousness and truth

yet the unseen all creationist concepts

thrive on fear of retribution and magic

that was popular before and since year

zero. Humans believe in magic.


Athiests believe in objectivism. Prove

it, show me, anti-promiseist, no time

for haints and goddess flag waving.

Statues are artifice, icons and religious

relics are anti-humanisms to Athiests.

Agnostical concepts are cop-outs.


Playing the mind narcissistically

permits atrocity, mayhem, cruelty

with no wrist rapping. No religion 

equals no morals and no ethics. Mores

acceptable, rule of law, based inside

god-justice platforms, not valid.


Dream a world of free thinkers not

inhibited is a Utopian concept, not

immature if hard-bonded to truth 

and personal responsibility as a

limiting acts principle. Theism builds

civilizations. Athiest practitioners,

armed with concrete faith in matter

exclusively, wait on the perimeter

waiting for nation builders to implode

from didacticism's contradictions

ready to build something else.




Author's Notes/Comments: 
  • Thoughts on freedom faith-murders in Gaza and Israel. They kill for god and country but want matter, land, and an athiest goal - godlike power over objective wealth and ownership of everyone's mind. ~S~
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I vote they "invent" a new

I vote they "invent" a new religion and call it love. 

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I Read In Wiki About Zoroastrianism


The religion that contributed monotheism and prophet notion to Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, very old - prehistoric (practiced before written about). I read for an hour, the evolutions of religions is fascinating. Still a die-hard backwoods Baptist. The love is in the message AND the singing. ~S~

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