Death All Around


India - Himalaya divide

from China, holidays

may connect the river

with hospitals.


Death, so unproud,

a terrible guest, who

will not leave. Wait

for help not to come

in time is the ticket

to ride.


Ashes. Far too many.

Inflation hits wood

and supply and demand

laws show up

but no oxygen.


Fear is icy cold

and spines complain,

It is the spring

singing the lyrics

of discontent.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

for bishu - unheard from. xoxoxoxox

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You brought the tragedy into

You brought the tragedy into my heart with deft, explosive and indelible lines that continue to mourn and hover long after they are read. How could anyone not be crushed in the vise of "sping/ singing the lyrics/ of our discontent."? Amazing. 


As superb as it is shattering, this deserves our undivided attention and applause. 

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There Is Enough Vaccine

Lesser states wait, EU late now diverts but has way to go before outreach to Africa, usa could vaccinate south america. China & Russia can eat up countries - hindsight is still 20/20 usa.


Diseased refugees - here they come. Afghanistan friends want usa visas. 11 million undocumented in usa. Turkey may not be ablekeep them out of EU. 700 billion annually to usa military. Iraq and afghanistan cost usa 900 billion. usa poverty at 17%. Hmmmm...


Lady A


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Some devastating facts about

Some devastating facts about America's priorities. 900 billion sunk into those wars. That's so messed up. 

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20 Year War

30% income tax for 20 years will cover it. Taxing a few rich companies and households less than 1% of their capital gains will not do it. We tax everybody, pay it down, start another war. Attribute pre pandemic high employment to war moving money fast through usa's economy. September 11, 2001 to September 2021. Time for some vaccine diplomacy. Be well.

Lady A