Have A Happy Everyday



Should raining and clouds

darken your evening prematurely,
smile and sing and then dance.
Chase up a rainbow, arrow
like Cupid some old tune
to love, and in the absence
of a voice for notes, find
somebody to have
sex with.
Thereby comes a joyous
insides, to laugh for no
particular cause, to hope
for sunshine, to know 
the mood has to eventually
melt clouds and turn dark 

mornings or prematurely dark

evenings bright.
And, if that does not work,
find someone to have
sex with.


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 This is a breath of fresh

 This is a breath of fresh air, Stella! I absolutely love it! Thank you for sharing some joy and for making me

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1915 poem

A far better decade - I realize my writing reflects the year. That was a great one! :D


Lady A


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And if that doesn't work

So my answer to everthing.  I liked this sweet begining and naughty ending. How are you these days?


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I am vaccinated

And breathing with future opening of Michigan beginning May 27th! I feel bored/need pace change and group face 2 faces - well, mask 2 masks. Kept writing through 1.5 years. Time to walk! Worked on novel from 9a to 1p today - lots of fluff deleted, connective tissue inserted. It is working. Revvin' up! How r u?

Lady A