Storm's Comin'

A New View


Up from the South

and across the grid

meterology counts

the storm cloud weight

in the scales of how

much rainfall

is predicted.


Flood defined as

there goes my

mortgage floating

out to sea. Drought

over there. Over






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Heavy storms for Detroit thru weekend.


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You always have just the

You always have just the right words to open our eyes. How long will people say "Nothing to see here" while we suffer the fallout of our recklessness? A well-written warning. 

allets's picture


The evolving facts plus experience plus the ability to extrapolate decisions that solve problems timely is the culprit. We take deccades and, in some cases, centuried. We knew about global warming at turn of the twentieth Century. Slow.Too slow at solving. 

Thanks for well consudered comments. They help during a difficult time. ~S~