Vintage Words


I know it is not climate related

and not interference in US elections,

or nukes in little tiny countries. That

is not good news. It is not Cuba

acting badly, or Russia taking

countries, no not good. Equally, arms

escalation. Not good news either.


A third of the USA's citizens

are addicted to tv, long commutes,

to gambling, polemics, or have a

serious drug problem that no one

knows how to fix, but throwing

money at a problem really is not

good news. We are broke and China

is our banker. If no news is good, then

we are in trouble. 


It rained three times today. That's

good for the grass and I don't have to 

water the plants. It is a baby step, I

know, but I hear the whisper of more

rain outside now, and that sounds

like prelude to a disasterous weather










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