Vintage Words


I am not sure

what time the moon

sets. It rises and falls

like the sun, but 

we mostly see it 

at night, or as a surprised



If there are too many 

clouds or a rain storm

the orb vanishes


But the moon does

rise and set and I

imagine it out there 

now setting. After all, 

it is what moons do.







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An enchanting reflection on

An enchanting reflection on what the moon is up to while we live our lives. Absolutely adored her as a "surprised day-ghost". Enjoyable read. 

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A Sci-Fi Moment

When you cast a glance skyward and get snagged on a whispy almost painted on sky moon, it leaves you wonder-filled. ~S~


Lady A


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Yes, it returns us to our

Yes, it returns us to our natural state of astonishment, as you so splendidly expressed.