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If all the money can speak as freely as I can speak

then we are no longer in control when that which 

is inanimate is equated with that which is a designated

citizen and human. We have given over our lives

to machines and systems, capital and cash. Money

is goddess and god and explains why our prayers

are not answered. It is late for prayer.


Wishes are what we live by and they pull us forward

to glory and wealth, boredom and probably, in the end,

suicidal thinking because there is no more. I reconcile

my doubts by consentrating on the "good" people

who are believers in Gods and Goddesses, who bend

the knee and think "Lord" or "Madre".


Then, I pay homage to those who have no gods 

and still practice righteousness and sanity, logically

and passionately, until their strength fails and they

teach what they know to whoever will listen.

How these "good" people make my heart soar

willing me into the future like no god or goddess 

from their mountain, heaven, or throne. Perhaps

dieties are unable to speak except through 

the perceptiveness of those who are good, like 

prophets who have warred and killed 

or become intimate with death.










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This is an awesome voice

This is an awesome voice right here, Stella!

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Thanks Cascade

a found gem. thanks for the words. ~S~

Lady A