Endings Without Stories

Vintage Words



I have


reached the ending.


No story is worthy of me.


No tale can embrace


what I have learned.


Too much detail, 


way too much






I have


come to the conclusion


and there is no novel


or biography


that can do me


justice. I walked


here all by myself


and took what


I needed.




Endings without stories


is easy. Denial is required


but without a foundation


is the rule. Like a feather,


you float above the tellings


and the sayings, 


the representations, 


the exhibitions. Too 


many characters






Simple, no story 


equals me 


or you or anyone.


We just end 


and that is all


there is to life


at closure. Drama


is for plays, 


plots for short


movies, not













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I came for the title and

I came for the title and stayed for the expert word-weaving that left me breathless and dazzled . . . So much wisdom, so beautifully said. Respect! 

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I read a treaties on beauty and what makes great poetry. I disagreed with 50% of the edicts, but in rewriting old de-published work, I ran across this gem. It met a lot of the criteria, more than I would like to admit. What we read affects our aesthetic apparently. (Admin posted it: a return to beauty, so there is that. He gives us postpoems). Pretty word poems, I call it. To calm the lining of the soul and balm the pericardium of the muse. :D


Lady A