Vintage Words


The most unimaginative of all the seven,

Thursday always hovers in the center 

like a pivotal point in the life of a 

humanized week.


I have had it in for Thursdays all

my life and it was not until recently

that I realized why.


Thursday is in the middle of

everything and a nuisance

in the way of progress toward

the weekend. A six day week

would have been so much







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Pungus's picture

You write nice

Just a microcosm of the middle

The belittling frequencies of time

Meddle neverending in the center

Rhyme redeemed by inklings of

What was has been what will be will be

And what is now is now, knowing

The king is usually stuck betixt walls

Just so, we weave worried within

The limitations of the present, going

Forward and backward feverishly

Ever truly knowing what it means to be?

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I like yours ending with meaning or definition of existence "being". Analogously, king trapped between ~ nice. 

Lady A