Kale & Pecans

Vintage Words


Green and brown
are the new healthy
Nuts and berries, no
more, it's nuts
and leafy vegetables.
Now where did
I put that nutcracker?

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this may slay all

Dont drink coffee, it bad for you.

Week later, coffee sciencitically proved to extend your life.

Don't eat the red grapes, may drink them as wine.  But, oh no.  Don't eat the green grapes.

One fad pops up.  One fad falls down.

What is good, is now bad then good again...

So here I sit. Drinking coffee, with lots of creamer and sugar.  Pausing long enough to nimble on a doughnut.

Watching them chase the moment diet.

Doctor has said nothing about my health in danger.

What was bad, is now good, but bad soon enough.

Drink the red grapes, eat the green grapes and enjoy life.... with a bacon maple doughnut bar.


I am an artist of words as well as paints.

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I reduced carbohydrates so I dream of doughnuts, cake, cookies, pie, pastries, cupcakes, and crackers. Processed foods are out too - no cans, nothing from a carton to be refrigerated. No hard sugar, I am a splenda chick. No sugar creamer, no milk, no pop with sugar, diet only. I eat green, red, orange, and yellow food - fruits and veggies and mushrooms. All the free range chix I want, and red meats - grain fed. Eggs for protein, and bacon is the new oil source since no more Crisco. I miss Crisco. All the olive oil I can pour is acceptable. Went from 169.5 to 143.8 - I garden and walk as exercise. I'll probably die any day now from sugar withdrawal :D ~allets~

Lady A


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Oh sugar!

I feel your pain!

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U Rock! ~allets ~

Lady A