Old Ways Die Harder Than New Ones

Vintage Words


New ways are untested
and could die hard too.

Old way of doing anything

may have merit and value,

but if the proofs
are unassailably negative,
then killing them may be
the best course.



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Kale & Pecans :D I bought fish,eggplant,papaya,ridged-gourd

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ginger & lemons. Today "Dahibaras" for dinner... Old habits indeed die hard... Butterfly hovering over flower bunches Wowey PondPal (soon the pond'll have a bridge) Cool



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Kale & Pecans

Green and brown
are the new healthy
Nuts and berries, no
more, it's nuts
and leafy vegetables.
Now where did
I put that nutcracker?
Lady A

Lady A


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Workers of old Knew how to

Workers of old

Knew how to work

For work to them

Is good work.

Work to work

For the sake of work

Is called survival

For the sake

Of oneself

And the rest

That depend on the one.

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New Works

Like brand new workers
don't know enough to fill
half a thimble. They have
a lot of enthusiasm
but no sense of actual
work. Training is not
done in high school
or college. Practical
to them is an oral
exam or a lab
experiment. New
workers get old
:D ~allets~

Lady A