Vintage Words


It was a supposition as if the meaning

floated out like a mind exhalation and I

caught the meaning in my teeth. Great words

carry a net full of intentions; some pure,
some verbatim, some elusive.
Or, as if the world tilted too much
and cascaded ideas across the universe
letting the matters settle like a billion
butterflies on a billion daisies.


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KindredSpirit's picture

Very good

Is that butterfly real.

Nature is something

To see.


allets's picture

Metamorphed and Alive, Yes!

I was looking for something pretty worldwide. Everyone can appreciate the colors, the prolific nature of butterflies, their journey, if only briefly. Imagine a billion of them in one place :D ~allets~

Lady A


bishu's picture

Yes my Dear Respected Bridge-o'er-the-Huge-Pond

Poets Island will be full of them.. different colours,sizes... and the aquatic fauna crawling on land off and on... Was wondering if there will be flying fishes Laughing

Image result for flying fishes



allets's picture

Flying Fish, Batman!

Yes, the Island will be magical with flying Butterfly Fish of every color and size imaginable. Big enough to ride, gentle enough not to fear. They will probably eat the tops off the palm trees though, but they will grow back instantly! It's poet's Island! See you there in 2060, Bish. Dreaming of crossing the invisible ocean between now and there. ~allets~

Lady A