Changing The Earth

Vintage Words


Is that like The Change; sweats,
exhaustion, heart palpatations?
Does the dirt become
something else when we
are done? Glass as grass,
air as paper?
Be careful what you make,
it may have already been made
Changing is like a clothing

choice that fits only sometimes.

But when it is svelt and cool,

the image works like a fabulous
photo-shopped shoot.

So, let change the earth
become a metaphor for getting

tossed old and destructive hate

or new and destructive
More than one step is required.
A recipe book series for change,

an encyclopedia full. Why start
small on such a large


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just being me again :D

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Starward's picture

Raises much thought

This poem requires some deep thinking.  Bravo!


[* /+/ ^]

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Concrete vs. Illusionary

A metaphor can swing across a large spectrum. Fortunately ~(:D)- B well, allets

Lady A