Blocked Sunshine

Vintage Words


The skin need not be exposed
to heat and light and radiationing
waves sent by Sol to pucker
the outer layers and infect
the inner layers with too much
Come to me dense cream
from a tube to show that sun
I am prepared to walk along treeless
streets unafraid and on guard.
The barrier is stashed in my belt
like a sword, the cap-hilt, handy
for withdrawal every four hours.
Rubbed on arms and forehead,
legs and any exposed area,
I feel like a peach covered
in bug repellant, evicting things
that might eat me or bruise my
sun kissed cheeks.
Heavily armored, I step out
into the blaring sunshine with my
coat-of-arms, crossed white feathered
quills on a black field, with the words
in Old English declaring the motto
as epigram and epitaph:
"I Am Impenetrable".


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bishu's picture

Mosquito bites are routine for me here :(

I have a lotion (green colored) which I apply after the sting and the itch goes away after a few minutes. I can't type on comment line on my unsmartfone.Only emoticons Laughing Maybe when I get a new one.... It is raining softly.. Wonderful !! 11:43 a.m. 26June 



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402am here

Awake all night, too many carbs - had half a piece of pizza and kaboom! Rain predicte for Sat. Sun. Mon. & Tues. Yard work tomorrow or none for a while. The weeds are calling my name out there, high as the lilies and flowering. The downside of being a gardener of flora. The French marigolds are spreading, promised 16 inches, looks like come Fall they will fill in nicely. Off to bed soon. Good morning ~allet~

Lady A