Three Five Zero Zero

Vintage Words


Anyone remember three five zero zero
from Hair regarding the Viet Nam War, aka
police action with military advisors?
Precursors to full-fledged killing
and large commitments of air power
and napalm, babies slaughtered,
running burned on paths and fields
where they spent their youth
in secured spaces.
War via substitutions of warriors
who are demoralized and flagging
with no will to fight and die. What
are we: 3500 war consultants? We don't
shoot guns or blow up people,
we teach others how to shoot guns

and blow up people.
usa's military should be ashamed.
Refusal to stop warring when the nations
of the earth are in disease distress
and hunger distress. Clean water
consultants, malaria consultants,
Ebola consultants needed. Any

takers to join a war against



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