When Did I Get Old?

Vintage Words


I was born two days before dirt

existed. None of that day older 
than what I will eventually

become one with.
The brain forms ideas differently,

calmly. When roused, I just lose it.

That is part of what it means
to be older than.
I was the alpha's alpha. Omega's

ahead and close. Betweens had up

ups and drag down downs. Even

happens that way. Balance

eventually. If not, dirt

has no meaning.


I remember most of it, and what

can not recall will show up

later or remain lost. That too

is the definition of being older

than ashes. Memory dies slowly.

Dirt does not think, at least

not as we perceive dirt. I can not

recollect anything but colorful

details of my youth. This is not

new or original. It's the way

it goes. Things get lost or left

behind and that is definitely

pre-dirt old.




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Brain Shavings

Brain Shavings


My brain shavings

Spattered on PP pages

Dusty cobwebbed 

With knotty ideas

Quickly qwertied

For surfers to read

Oft I wonder....

If it's at all needed

To plant a seed

Or grow much weed

In such rotty matters

I always lead... LOL



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Planting Seeds

is my thing. Like adding a drop of water to a pail, it becomes the volume. No telling who might need the last drop. We are stones thrown in the pond, our ripple effect may be infinite. :D

Lady A