Vintage Words


When mixed with "Home"

and orange juice it is called something

we named it back in the day

associated with sex and an affixing

tool for sinking a small piece

of spiraled metal.

Kurt Sutter, creator of SOA,
creatively made, then destroyed 

the characters, like a god

or an imitation of a bad off

off Broadway play. If there

is no death, there is no play.

If it bleeds, it bleeds all

over the place.

It was a great show. I'm sad
they had to kill off everyone
I had come to know as killable
or suicidal. If there is a reality
associated with the "Life"
of bikers prefaced with "rogue"
or "street wise" then Sutter 

was right. Life is not worth

Poets should not drink and drive
computer keys. They tell way
too much and spill beans best left
unopened and uncooked.
Lastly (as if there were a firstly
and a secondly) my eyes
no longer see the world around
me as kind or brutish. To be
able to see, period, is the miracle.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about drinking and writing. ~A~

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