Cinderella Syndrome

Vintage Words


Rags to well better rags
and the prince thought
my slippers were made
of glass.
My tale began in my home
I was stolen by the Grimm

Brothers and presented as a

fairytale with no mention

of the source material.
I could be famous
and wealthy except
for the theft

of my identity.
That aside, I am who
I say because my
credentials are etched
in my akin like a tattoo,

validateable as a parking

ticket, useful as paper

or artfully spilled ink.
I am cinder prone
and live among ashes
well enough to smudge
most hands I shake
and assuredly every
prince I meet bearing
shoes in search
of royalty.



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Dress by Galliano

Jewels by Harry Winston

Shoes by Versace

Undergarments by Chanel

Stockings by L.A.M.B 

Carriage by Bugatti

Prince by BP Oil

Kingdom by Hollywood


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Oh No! Not Another

Cinderella story! "...Prince by BP oil..." Brittish Petroleum listen up! Some poets just rock. It's the way they roll. I smile between the laughs. ~Stella~

Lady A