Mind Dust

Vintage Words


Grit will aways
find a way
in there. 
Winds bring it
to where your
mind is walking
and "bam!"
Irritation happens
that fast.
Scrubbing against
thoughts you need
to get through this
phase of your life, grit
like sand, gets wedged
between the big idea
and the little flourish.
How does one eradicate

the invader? The mind

consults the brain
that consults the heart
and renders a lung/liver
verdict. Live with it.




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bishu's picture

The Title hit me bang Respected Allets !!!!!

Toes of the Mind ...... What an idea !!! I must cut my toe nails.... too long they've become... Good night Ma'am 1:20 pm



allets's picture

I Cut

my fingernails today. It is good to know we are still growing. :D

Lady A