Across The Room

Vintage Words


Laughter drifts from
the corner of the hall
and relatives and friends
of relatives congregate
expressing joy from lives
bleak and dull or full
and out of control.
I sit and smile thinking
what it would be like again
to be out of control as if
I were ruled by hormonal
rush or the love of a man.
The laughter always seems
to fade as more serious topics
rule the happiness spaces.
I turn away, enlightened, knowing
this is the essence of a party.


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Been awhile since i commented

Been awhile since i commented on anything. This is poetry. Its touching, and pure

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I have attended could be a book of poems. When young, we went to quarter parties, twenty five cents to get in, to play records and dance. No food, just music and kids from school. It helps if you know someone there. If not, you go home early. :D

Lady A