Connective Tissue

Vintage Words


Sinew that holds the muscles
in place along the skeleton
or the universes securing infinitely
small spaces between any
solid object. Filler, space
preserver, the stuff that holds,
knits the world into a
a finished project.
Between stars the substance
is a seeming void defiantly
cursing conceptualized vacancy.
Hypotheticals as assumptions
or lab experiment data, like
computer generated theories,
connect something surely.
Who actually knows what glue
connects worlds?
Considering connectives
when the poet writes, copious
as class notes: and, of,
if and so, within, and up,
and to and over. The world
would fall apart, the skeleton
of life would collapse having
no thing to connect objectives
to ideation exercises if words
like inside, beneath, by, in
and from, upon and and
as connective tissues were
not availed.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for Carcass

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CireLueyFreemind's picture

"or the universes securing infinitely..."

This entire piece is powerful; they way you articulate language as the connecting sinew of our understanding is poignant and surreal.  On some level, I intuitively understood this before I read it, but your words help bring the fuzzy into focus.

Thank you for befriending me.  I look forward to perusing your work, to learn what I can from your examples to build my own muslces and strengthen the sinew.

Be well; thy will be done.

allets's picture

"...strengthen the sinew..."

Imagine the world courts and the legal trials that would be simplified if law dealt with communication and not historically defined illogic. Building connections is a poet's design always. Thanks for the much appreciated comment, my new poempal. :D

Lady A


CireLueyFreemind's picture

If only...

You make an interesting thought; if only legalese was plain and each case tried in the moment, using true communication, as you've suggested, instead of ever-evolving "guidelines" that can never account for every loophole imaginable.


You're very welcome for the comment; I couldn't help myself! :)

Be well; thy will be done.