Love, From Here

Vintage Words


Continuously fueled
memories burn seemingly
with no wick, no parafin,
no actual fire.
As a memory, without
interpretation possibilities,
love has flame and no heat,
nothing real except

Real as ashes, a one

time conflagration cooled

from what was once considered





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lovely piece, heartfelt

lovely piece, heartfelt indeed

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In Search of Love As An Image

I am always trying to expand a definition already overworked and while tired, never exhausted {:>}~

Lady A


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Recollection is the flame that burns hottest.

I have to steel myself against the fires; my previous burns flare up in the presence of overwhelming heat.

Be well; thy will be done.

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You Get Me

I am honored to have comlink, minds met and well articulated. Yours In Writing ~allets~

Lady A