New Baby In Town

Vintage Words


Step back
don't get too close
there is a new
baby in town
and he will pee
on your face.
He has no sense
of shame only
nature's call
and if the dydie
slips, watch out
for showers.
New mothers
learn the lesson
of the big cover up
being surprised once
like a bird caught
in a Spring rain.
Welcome to the world
new baby in town. There is
so much to see and feel
and think and know afuture.
Last and best, you are going
to love the introduction of
underwear and pants.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the newborn in Bishu's extended family. Congrats to mom and family!

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New baby in town:

New babies are lovely this year I have become a great aunt to three neices one nephew and one on the way but not sure what sex it is at the moment have to wait for scans. Congratulations to you family Bishu on your new arrival. Great poem just about sums it all up.

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Joyous Occasions

are fun to celebrate and welcome a new life into the world. Happy auntie! :D

Lady A


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Thanks Respected Dubbel Rose

He was born in a foreign country.... Didn't see his motherland as yet .. The baby is just a day old.. I just saw his snapshot on FB I'll see him in December [I hope] Best wishes from Mangomaniacal Cauliflower waiting for a cool shower ... Very hot even now 10:35 p.m. local time !!!! Frown



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I Wish You Coolness

May the breeze follow your shadow and devour the heat. If not, drink iced tea with lemon, it's fun and tastes good :D

Lady A