Displaced Racoon

Vintage Words


The scavenger
raccoon with her
tail on fire
fled the canyon
of hot desire seeking
some glen to cool
enflamed fur.
Found in a forest
where possum
gather. Unusually
placed, she was rather
unable to swing
by her tail.


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i love it!! i think its

i love it!! i think its simple and sweet at face value, but it also reminds me of a great video i saw about privelege, about a caterpillar and a snail.  i don't know if its an intended underlying metaphor or if thats an association i brought with me as a reader, but with or without it, still good :)

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Being Silly

Sometimes I go there - glad a reader brought a metaphor with 'em - great! Thanks for the read. Glad you loved it's simplicity.

. Just re read and somehow identify with this raccoon

Lady A