Poet As Lover

Vintage Words


Songs need lyrics the way lovers

need poetic expression when the emotions

rise and the words will not come. Lovers

are lost on a wide prairie, with sand

clogging their throats, needing watery

phrases and jerky without grit.


So the poet enters, riding a white horse,
hat askew, bandana loosely tethered against
any stray or rogue wind. The spurs
are made of silver-tongued ores. Inside

cowhide boots, the stirrups firmly hold

poetic feet.

The lovers listen to the sounds that say
what they wished they had said. There,
just the phrase: "My heart thrums what

my pulse needs and my skin yearns to touch 
what my need desires." Lovers feel it

immediately because poet are cupids who shoot

with accuracy six-gun arrows.
It is not that lovers do not know 
these words. It takes a poet who owns

a saddlebag brimming with originality
and the ability, long practiced,
to fling words and, like a lariat,
herd hearts.



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The Poet as Lover:


Love this poem of yours what a good tale and yes your right about poets, including cowboy ones - watch out for their silver tongues, and gold phrases and praises; they probably have many a heart all a flutter. Yahoo allets,nice one.




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Yippy Kayay!

a.griffiths57. Loved those westerns as a kid, Sugar Foot, Maverick, Lawman. I wanted to own a pony. Typical American kid dream. Right? ~(:D)- Yr poet pal, Stella

Lady A


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I like the idea of us being

I like the idea of us being like cowboys in the old westerns...

~~We can fade away together one dream at a time.~~

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white hats, the good guys, that's us. If you have not read Reed's "I Am A Cowboy In The Boat Of Ra" you have not lived -  :D ~slc

Lady A


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Now this

I like

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this? Okay, I have no idea where the motif evolved from, saw Unforgiven on my tv listing and thought of all those Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns - I loved those. Eli Wallach rocks! First that, now this. Yeah. Glad u liked poem. - slc

Lady A


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Clint's' the man

I liked it a lot

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Glad You Liked

and thanks for reading my work - yours in writing, slc

Lady A