Loving As Such

Vintage Words


I read too many romances
viewed too many lovers in movies,
heard too many friends dream  

of guys as if they were a mystery. 
Boldly I walked up to the object

of my affection, declared my

intentions and scared the lad so much
he actually backed up and ran.
I never figured out that waiting

for the man to approach me was

the correct posture. Aggressive

females are not common in nature

unless they eat their mates

after sex.
So, alone, I watch my friends walk
aisles in white while I stand witness. 
No one asked me and some of them 

are working on their third marriage.
If love is so divine, and mysterious,

then why does it seldom last longer

than seven years? I envy 40 to 60 year
long couples who are one timers
and each other's friend and only

love until death.




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That's funny.

 I wish I seen that

How far did he run ?

Outofsight mama

You were to hot for him !

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Desperation As A Thing

He bought a boy to a man fight. Ha! I just declared I was looking for a husband. You would have thought he was being mugged. I once saw a bridesmaid belly flop leap to get the bouquet. I empathized. I hope she found the one. :D

Lady A


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Aggressive, or ascertive?

I find that,

a woman who knows what she wants,

and is un-waivered beyond her rationelle.. very attractive.

For there is good reason propelling that which she stands stout for.

I would treat you to a lovely night from here, just to know of what those boundaries and contents wherein are comprised of.

I think that those who may find themselves odd, are truly the few who are right and true.



"The stars awaken a certain reverence, because though always present, they are inaccessible; but all natural objects make a kindred impression, when the mind is open to their influence." R.W.E.


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To Stand Pat

Like holding aces
and not smiling during
the game's hand
is not quite the same
thing as refusing
to conform.
Conformation is the thing
that creates happiness
and self-delusion
which gives forth years
of glue-like conversations
meant to convey little.
Boredom comes easily
shouldered if the mind hopes
for things written or booked,
filmed and widely dispersed
as truth, the whole and nothing
Lady A
p.s. I find it the lesser of evils, aloneness - I like my own company. It's a life choice. ~allets~

Lady A