Vintage Words


I rode through the Detroit riots

of 1968 and followed the national 
guard tanks up Livernois Avenue
to the West Side where buildings
burned and looters ran.
I saw guns on soldiers who

were ordered not to fire. Things

were different then. Where

were the protectors when the spine

snapped, when the bullet killed

a little girl, when men caught

in circumstances they did not

comprehend bled for their


I saw it before, Baltimore. High 

schools failed you. Logic was not

not a part of the curriculum. Solving

the illnesses of a city has never

been a forte.





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I believe part of the problem

I believe part of the problem is unfettered access to guns. Any crazy can get an automatic forearm and spray innocents. Why try to vocalize your distress when a simple trigger pull is so quick and easy?

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The Flip Side

With the police militarized and armed to the teeth, the citizens are the only wall between government totalitarianism and a free society. The price is very high but every one here can own a gun - knowing who owns it does not matter to anyone but murder investigator who solve very few homicide. Not Big Brother yet. Like drugs, gun are easily acquired if you have the price. Education and employment as a solution works in part for me. Thank you so very very much for your thoughts Deep One :D ~allets~

Lady A


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"It is not good enough simply

"It is not good enough simply to show sympathy. You don't see murder on this kind of scale with this kind of frequency in any other advanced nation on Earth. Every country has violent, hateful, or mentally unstable people. What's different is not every country is awash with easily accessible guns. And so I refuse to act as if this is the new normal." —President Obama on the need to take steps to reduce gun violence

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In A Free Society

as wealthy as ours, guns are going to be with us as will drugs and murder and suicides and divorces - less sympathy more empathy - we are more polarized politically than since the civil war. Disarming the police - they don't need tanks - I agree. It's the old normal too. If limited by law, underground sales would continue to skyrocket. Americans love their guns, legal or not legal. It's a shame, a national shame. And true. I just read in TIME that gun violence measured as rise in homicides is up in Baltimore - perhaps because police are disengaged (5 policemen convicted?) How about bullet control? Like drug possession, criminalize ownership of more than a certain amount or kind of bullet. Limiting manufacture of guns is not on the table, just imprisoning those who carry - we have enough of the population in prison - this is long. ~slc~

Lady A


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You're right, Allets. I just

You're right, Allets. I just wish I didn't have to assume that the other guy is packing. Maybe that's why poetry is important, we are trying to settle our differences with words, not bullets. 

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Poems As Bullets

Yes indeed. A law passed recently in Texas, I believe, allowing concealed weapons on campuses anywhere except in "gun-free zones". Private schools exempt. It's the wild wild west, and the wild wild East, wild wild North, the wild South, Southeast, Northwest . . . you get the idea.
Stay safe.

Lady A


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I don't agree with any of the

I don't agree with any of the looting or razing going on throughout any of these riots but there are actually a lot of nonviolent protests going on in Baltimore.  Police brutality can get out of hand.  There's a lot of good the police officers do that goes unnoticed by a bad egg.  It wouldn't cause a riot in other countries because its the norm for them.  A lot of corrupt/brutal cops in foreign lands.  

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Yeah, I Guess So

I am becoming indifferent to "criminals" and "saviors" and "heroes" and "villains". I am just weary. 1968, 1954, 1872, 1773 - the same tune - should Black people be considered human or free or worthy life? In other countries black Americans are treated kindly- it's an odd feeling, kind treatment. Respect is nothing I expect any longer, seldom having felt it. Hell has a space reserved for those who are unkind to strangers. I am certain a lot of USA born feel exactly like this. ~Stella L. Crews~

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