River Song

Vintage Words

A brook is for wading,
lakes for fishing. Well waters
in dark depths wait calmly
for wishing.
Grandfathers of rills,
the mothers of springs,
brothers to brooks,
sisters of streams, rivers
exist as wet wonders rumbling
roaring and rolling and hard
rock eroding.
Rivers are passionate,
indifferent to time,
endlessly sculpting
an unseen
A river, once swollen
to tidal wave stature,
crashed ashore
letting beaches shatter
when humbly begun as a
bead of water.



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bishu's picture

Was wondering if better endings can happen Respected Madam WRose

Rivers are liquid soaps
that wash the world clean.



allets's picture

Thanks For The Excellent Critique

I did not like the last lines either. After a word and a bit of time, the river feels and flows better. ~(:D)-

Lady A