Vintage Words

Whoosh is the sound of a falcon

high in thin atmosphere where

he hears and does not believe

wing whipped wind. The dive

is desperate and steep, the climb

so sudden the bird momentarily



Summoning, he dares wide span winged

companions to form his vee-wave

moving north after winter.

Piercing thunder, he rises beyond 

the din and challenges clouds that
sends droplets of life to the earth
to fertilize whatever human need

exists below.



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Masterful Work

Lady A, Beautiful Disaster-  it is an honour to read such work.  Thank you for the masterful work.  Both of our words are inspiring.


Handsome Disaster, Wulfman


I am an artist of words as well as paints.

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The Freedom Of Flight

To have the chance to soar,  if only for a season. - slc

Lady A