Old Home

Vintage Words


Let light in via the holes

in the walls. Let rain in  
by the skylight. Let the white

wash crumble and the doors swell

when it pours destructive

humidity from careless clouds.

Remind me of forty years of rain

and desperation in the thunder,

the streaks of lighteng in splintered

glass. Gasoline lamps for light,

outhouse, a pump for water defined

the times.


Watch the eaves drop and the gutters

rust until there is nothing more 

to absorb water. Watch the floors

buckle and the ceilings weep

condensation like sweat.


Costs were dear to rebuild or repair

but there is no place to celebrate

this home except in the days of our

youth, when we did not know

we were poor.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

After the Depression, such conditions were mostly ended.

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