Drunken Poets Society Anthem

Vintage Words


We, the inebriated poets

salute the muse of booze,
sworn always to be drunk on
the wine of verse, lost

to the world of sobriety.

In honor of the hung-over,
and the DT's of the heart
we sing with slurred voices,
of the rights of poets
to drink from the cup
engraved with grapes,
carved from the vineyard
arbor wood liberated from
weed grown orchards.

Through the blurred vision
of the well honed mind
we hail all things
curb stumbled and carded
with gratitude. We are
the Drunken Poets Society,
no one like us will ever be.
We are avowed to drink reality
with gusto, no word or shot glass
or stein of beer will go unutilized
or bottoms upped until we reach
our full power. Smashed on lyrics
and hymns, we toast through loud
burps the world of literature. We
are the original seven Drunken Poets.
No one can or ever will hic cough
be like us.




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Laurness's picture

Drunk Poets

This is an entertaining and meaningful write! It made me think of many friends and poets who must get 'adjusted' before they can let it flow. Touched me.. thank you!

allets's picture

Erasing The Day

of by rote work, boring repetition on an administration or manufacturing line, looking for work, tending four kids, college, family, acquaintances...whatever has clogged the creative juices are loosened up with a sip of wine, assuredly. (smile, take a sip, smile some more). But do not fall off any wagons! ~ slc

Lady A


9inety's picture


to you sister!

cheers! as I raise my glass

it is always half full!

until I empty all the fluid words and that are in my thirsty heart.




love my ""IRISH CAR BOMBS""!!!


"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

allets's picture

Hey Dylan Dylan

your wish of peace is much appreciated. Glad you found these notions toast worthy. Thanks for stopping by. Always good to see you. ~Stella~

Lady A


a.griffiths57's picture

Drunken Poets Anthem:



Fantastic write, and all whilst absent whilst on the wine. What a blend of words, truly gifted portrayal of one in his/her cups. Very detailed too, like a person does when inebrated and inhibinated, everything and everybody looks so wonderfull. I can just picture the scene you so finely crafted here,allets.




allets's picture

It Was A Motif

carried through, but a glass of wine is not a bad idea - be right back :D ~slc~

Lady A


bishu's picture

hic !! enjoyed dish ... yrltt malt ... Respcyd Rose




allets's picture

Cooked It Up

So U could joenyay, I mean sidyidll, not that't not is,&.';...well trying to type whyle blitzd is dangerisk - :D

Lady A


SSmoothie's picture

Hahahahahahahaha ♡♡♡♡♡ thanks

Hahahahahahahaha ♡♡♡♡♡ thanks allets for the fun thanks reilamorello for the inspirashion hic!

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

allets's picture


of living sometimes is required to raise the mood m'thinks. This is the fun stuff. Hic Hic! :D

Lady A


ReilaMorello's picture


I love love love this!

allets's picture

Glad You Love Love Love it.

Just foolin' around - totally inspired by poets meeting and sharing work ~slc~

Lady A


KindredSpirit's picture

I find this

As your best.

Which ever way you want to slice and dice it.

Just sayin I read the future not the past

And Jfyi I have been on the wagon for the winter

 U never seen me when lm toasted

allets's picture

Oh oh!

On the wagon, please stay on the wagon. I will buy you a wagon and ship it to you. If all winter, how about all spring, summer, and fall? I wish you good sobriety! I drink very leniently and have not been inebriated in quite a few decades. This was a fun write - The Society is a real entity, by the way. jfyi, I get high on words. ~slc~

Lady A


allets's picture

Still A Favorite!

just re-read and this made me smile. Sometimes fun to write interprets into fun reading. Like life, high on writing :D (04-25-21)

Lady A