Sound Track

Vintage Words


The leaper fell in slow motion

on the screen for effect. Up 
Lou Rawls singing, "falling leaves
drift by my window."


The dog, lost for so long, runs 
to the boy's open arms. Crescendo
violins and Etta James crooning,

"Won't you come on home, I know

I did you wrong."
The old man, surrounded by his

family moans one last bit 
of wisdom, "I'll see all of you
on the other side." Up
the Mo-Town lyric, "Someday we'll
be together."


The movie may have been a dud,

the worst acting ever but

the background is always remembered.

When did Streisand show up and why

is she crooning, "Memories, like

the corners of my mind."




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Good to Find Humor

Music touches lives just as much as everything else.

Cause and effect.  Everything leaves a lasting touch of some sort on us.  Why we must be careful of our words and actions.

Great work.  Witty.


I am an artist of words as well as paints.

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Mood Boosters

in films anyway - this was fun, alack and alas, witty even :D ~slc~

Lady A


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That would be

The Way We Were

 That I seen

With my one

 True Love

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Redford Is Sundance Now

film festival, tv movies - I once told my supervisor I liked Redford and she went "oooooooh, those blue eyes." Not fond of blue eyes, I was liking very much his hair and freckles - but 2 each. Yeah, The Way We Were rocks! ~slc~

Lady A


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Forget the actors

Blue Star. It is all about the

Place and time and the song

And oh yeah

The Girl

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it's all about the guy. What is a video without a soundtrack? We are the FX generation. Just saw Interstellar, a movie with amazing FX - wish there was a movie attached to it. Music so loud could not hear the dialogue - who made that decision? Hmmmm. ~slc~

Lady A