Once More, Spring

Vintage Words


Winter sleeps.

Spring stretches

like a waking puppy

gangly and curious

nosing the dirt



Spring yawns. Bulbs pierce

the soil blade sharp like spears,

pushing aside  last year's



Come red breasted bird,

examine rain wet grass

for an earthworm meal. The

violets and crocuses

won't mind.







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MilMan's picture

Once More, Spring

Hello Lady A how is your day, Another beautiful poem you bring. Once More, Spring. I got caught up in this beautiful thing called spring, It made me forget about that perk called work. I'm back and on track. Keep on keeping on Lady A. And have a very Blessed Day.  Cool

allets's picture

Thank You Milman

Spring is happening nicely - a bit of rain but my newly planted rose bushes are loving the weather. $40.00 worth of seeds are next (after the tulips bloom and the daff's finish laughing). ~(:D)~

Lady A