Vintage Words


Move over heart attacks, I am

talking now about Serious. She is

confused by the befuddlements

of the living. She scans horizons

daily looking for anything candid.

Nightly, she hopes the past will come

like the ship eternally awaited.


Serious wants the world to conform

to rightness that intuits unconditionally

that her best adjective is good. Get Serious

and do battle. She pretends to be lady-like

carrying a stone-heavy heart while weilding

a life slicing well-honed sword.


There is no help or cure for human errors.

To live is to believe in dominant passions.

The expectations and experiences of Serious

make sense and no one can change that mindset.


She wakes each day filled with dreads

then commands the limbs to move, the legs

are lethargic, the coverlets lead-like.

Sitting up, care and dread drain off

as the eyes take in the future that belongs

to Serious. 







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Nice grumpy heart write Respected Lady Allets aka Star

a bulb deep in the dirt glowing,

It's light to others showing 



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A Portrait of Some Folks

I really relate to getting legs out of bed in the morning - welcome each day as best you can, I say. Thanks for the couplet - very nice - slc


Lady A