Red Head

Vintage Words


Tulips do not need shampoo, they

have rain. They are nature's redheads.

No conditioner required. Dew drops

fall from their smooth petals like tears

from a wailing toddler's cheek.


Rain touches a rose gently. Drops

appear like diamonds and dry

in the sun's best offering. They

are red and that is their reason

and answer to the questions how,

why, and huh?







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bishu's picture

Enjoyed this one greatly Respected Star

... and thank you very very much for reading & commenting my recent burps.

Many Poets flood the lands


Leaving behind fertile silt

Grow beautiful flowers

In them else they'll wilt



allets's picture

Wherever U

walk or sit, know you are highly respected and loved gentle seer a million kilometers farther out than most Islands. 2060! :D Stella


Lady A