Enduring Love

Vintage Words


Feet and teeth are designed

to last a lifetime. So are knees,

ankles, and shoulders. Hair

sheds, skin flakes, but the hands

are firmly attached and made

to endure.


Arms get broken but mend,

ankles fracture and knit back

even though they become weather

predictors, they are still durable.


Friendship is like a body part

meant to last a long time. Dints

and knicks, even bone breaks

happen, but ultimately love

of this sort is designed 

by nature to last a lifetime.








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To endure love certainly is

To endure love certainly is an accurate way to put it. Love endures... hugss 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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True Friendship

weathers all storms and endures. Lovers learn this lesson or fail - thank you for the reading and for taking time to say this ~ Stella


Lady A


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True friendships always come with a lifetime warranty

Respected Madam Allets.This was indeed a nice expression of a true dictum. Friends have misunderstandings sometimes... Yet they again bond together as friends.. [not very sure about virtual ones though] BTW your newest profile is smashingly complicated.Kept me thinking what it really is... PM or no PM  UR salted sea pal built to endure the rocks being hurled Laughing Masons,plumbers,electricians crawling all over the placeFrown Repair jobs which were long overdue..Wish I didn't have a head/mind Laughing



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Repair People

But once they are done, you can admire their handiwork, my virtual and forever friend who risks monsters to traverse the deep and emerge as Bishu Man, my super hero. :D ~Star~


I have started using "S" as my pix for a while - found some good ones on line, still have a few stars in the back pocket. Keep your brain/mind in tact - and write right now! ~S~


Lady A


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Pain in the neck Respected Star !!!

And drain of hard cash !! Frown ~A wilted bishu~

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So Sorry About Cost

Pain in the pocket seems, I empathize. Messy and costly - downer Yell



Lady A