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The courageous hate them. If words

could kill, cowards would bleed. With no

vocabulary for kindness, the meanest

bullies exist insecure owning no self worth 

or concept of the humane. They spend

their lifetime attempting to steal everyone's








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Very True Respected Green Star

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That's One Big True

Dear Cauliflower of Spring, thanks for the acknowledgment. There are many articulations of cowardice, but these struck home. Ranting is good for something, I'm so aged I can remember what it's good for. But it's good. See you on Poet's Isle in 2060. Bish, you rock! :D ~ alletS~


Lady A


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An interesting take on the many aspects of cowards and cowardice. 

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A Belated Response

to cyber bullies, bullies in general, and to those who would push the undeserving around because no one is watching. Daunted not by so many definitions of power relationships. it's a life's work. Thanks for the read and kind comment ~Star~


Lady A


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Darkly Stark

Enjoying this little 'series'. When are you going to write a book, haha? 

Let your teeth show

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13 Titles

2 are in the Detroit Public Library, HIPology an anthology of 65 readers for the Horizon In Poetry Series, and Thieves or The Laundromat Bandit - off my press. also 11 other titles from Thorn Publications. More if you include the books I complete for holidays for family and friends. Being a poet is fun, I am considering a collected work - but I'm pretty tired. PostPoems serves my literary needs for now. Who knows what the future holds ha ha ha ;D ~Star"

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