Inside All Day

Vintage Words


Memorizing the greatest quotes

fills voids and make a new world.

To be on Juliet’s balcony, to climb

it like an impossible lover to learn

the definition of rising.


Much time has been lost. Redemption

is impossible. Start by wallowing

in order to end with enlightenment.

Reality is cold, it burns like dry

ice. Nothing else burns so well

from the fingers to the mindset.


To be closed in, unable to move

is the lot of the caught and captured.

Alone inside a different challenge, 

the imagination takes the trapped out

of the body, removing restraints 

to let creation soar.


Wasted hours transform into memories

of hours which, if better used, would

have dared to obtain unreachable air

and inhale half cloud half blue sky.










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Been meaning to say something...

But what?  I will probably read this one over and over.  Inside a day, new realities from old imaginations.  It's possible.  Nice wright all rite.  Along concepts and bending of words wills and ways worth watching with wanderlust.

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We Have Postpoem Poets

in prison, man and self-made, also vets out of war, in the wake of lost loves, post funeral state - such places are inhumanely locked off from civilization - I offer an alternative (as best I can) for ways of thinking, to avoid blues feelings, a way to rise from despair. That was the intent. I leave it for the reader to bring their own experiences to the poem. Thank you for reading this very long piece - I'm trying to say shorter. Reading your comment, I was able to reformat the poem as well.  ~Star~



Lady A