Earth Tones

Vintage Words


Earth tones blend from natural

to dark brown like multi-colored

sands turned into a planitarium

big as Sol's third planet.


There in layers of white

and blue stones, pink

and sienna sand 

awaiting graystone to form

the big mix, spinning

and churning the materials

of life and non-living silt

into one earth's worth

of diversity.






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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

i love it!!! i love the

i love it!!! i love the perspective, but also the wording reminded me, all the pigments of all my paint come from minerals in that dust, the same minerals that give the sand its dusty tones give paint its brighter hues :)

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Out Of The Dust

A Rainbow, found in the sand

is similar to but not exactly

like a range of attitudes

beneath shifting brainscapes

like dunes migrating. Always



Thank you for the fine fine comment. You Rock! ~Star!


Lady A