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It is not an easy thing

turning the head of a woman.

A woman will say, "She is so pretty!"

A mother will add, "Such poise

in her walk. Nice profile

and posture."


Dudes appreciate good looking

guys too. Envy shows up and he

says, "Damn he looks good. I gotta go

work out and eat better." A father

augments with, "Son, walk on!

You are needed everywhere."


If beauty is a thing, a real thing, then

people will notice and feel it, appreciate

it and try hard to imitate the look closely.

It's a human thing. Pretty.







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I love the fact beauty is

I love the fact beauty is subjective and aesthically based but like art on many levels. And thanks for the thought. ;D hugss 

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Beauty is Subjective

and cultural. Thanks for stopping by for a read - comments always welcome. Hugz  ~Star~

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