Perdition Detour

Vintage Words


It is easy to live in limbo where there is no out

and the thoughts have the clarity of mud. Bleek

is the tone, depression the theme. All skies

are blueless. Why?


If brighter outlooks become clouded 

and opaqued, I sing. Or worse, I dance old

dances from the sixties. You don't know

those, but I do. 


Let the skies weep dark tears, I have smiles

and a devilish grin to give a good joke or pun.

Pull up an old memory of a crescent moon amid

eternal slate scapes and come dawn, watch Sol

fingernail the darkness. I do.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sing and lift every dread of the hour. Dance away whatever sad residue remains. Smile. It chases away sorrow.




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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

something has changed

your work has taken on an extraordinary quality.  don't get me wrong, you were always good, but these are breathtaking.

allets's picture

Old School - Old Style

In paintbrush and emotion posture, sometimes I drip wax moodily onto a canvas. Poets tend to the darker side of humor. Thanks for the comment and read, this counters too much of the gloomy. Always appreciated  - slc



Lady A


MilMan's picture

Perdition detour

 "WOW" Heavy, I mean Deep Waters. You got it going on Star...  MilMan Cool

allets's picture

Belated thanks Milman

Hope your poetry is frequent and as deep ~allets~


Lady A