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You must do what

I say. I will tell you

what and how to do

what I say. I will

occasionally tell you

how to think. There

is nothing else to

discuss. I'm right. I am

always right.


So, read this poem

again and again

until you are cured

and no longer follow

your own mind.

Life will be happier.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Playing the devil's advocate here - I don't think this way - ha ha! :D 


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Respected Madam Allets Happy Holi 2015

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Is This A Selfie?

Happpy Holiday! Which one? Looks like a happy day!  Yes!


Lady A


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I found it quite humorous :)

I've been looking up didactism on the wiki there.  Poe's calls it the worst of "heresies" in his essay The Poetic Principle.  Interesting stuff.  I Dig it.

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Egotism A Better Title?

I Thesaurused and wiki'ed it  - I was considering changing title to Egotism. This poem is way over the didactical line - I just meant to connect with writing that was teachy and less entertaininging and went somewhere else entirely. The voice is that of the Egomaniacal m'thinks. wichapi

Lady A


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I suppose you colud change it.

The title perhaps, or maybe change a line or two to make it more subtle?  Either way, I like it.  Do what you do Sioux for Star - Soup or Start - Super Star!