2:49 a.m.

Vintage Words


Five users and thirty-five guests

on line at such an early hour. I

forget that the site is world-wide

and that it is morning or afternoon,

out there in Postpoem reader's realm;

and a great time for reading poems.


I'm going to go soon, drank coffee

late and decided to spend time

reading. Found some good ones. I

always do, only not at 2:49 a.m

as a rule.








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Ive been there. Lots! Im on

Ive been there. Lots! Im on my phone mostly cause productions femand so much of your physicality and instant clarification and feed back. I get worn out some days my lips just wont move anymore. I get in on pp during brakes during rare longer breaks i even get to comment. But late late late at night when im irked with ink syndrome i write them as a good night prayer. :) hugss 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Poem Prayer

A poem as a prayer
works as an answer
to any blue day
today or any day.
Praying in verse
there is a reply near
that answers that
practice. It goes:
I ain't mad at cha!
We are cursed
with being busy
meeting the toil
of our choices.
A prayer poemed?
I'm sure God
is a fan.
Lady A

Lady A


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Just had brunch with 28 guests and 5 users

Respected Madam Allets.... Nice contemplation.BTW Cactus and Bern think I'm bald. Please aske Carl or Peter or Hemaidy to remove their doubts. Not that I care Laughing

~Salted poisoned balded friend B~



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And Where Did This Myth Arise?

I always think of you with hair. Maybe it's a Popeye flash back, or the severely receding hairline. I also hear there is a tattoo (Popeye with caption - Spinach Lives!), but that is rumor. Interestingly, I was considering putting up a late pix of myself, severely receding hairline, no tats (yet) but lots of white hair that used to be a rich black as I am sure yours is now. Let us put an end to rumors about your bald head once and for all - Maybe it is a reference to this guy Foot in Mouth Or not. With greatest affection and a bit of playing the devils advocate - I am, your equally balding versifyer - Lady A


psst: Bern is bald. Did you know? :D  ~A~


Lady A


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Wonderfully written Stella! :-)



Once you read , please drop a message if possible. Any comments are most welcome :)

My Insta page -> please do visit and follow if you like;) https://www.instagram.com/poethearrt/

Thank you

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Poetry Is Fun!

Thanks for stopping by for the verse visit my new friend, Bani, your new friend, Akka

Lady A


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I'm drinking coffee right meow

While reading lovely poems,  although theres something about the midnight twilight that puts a nocturnal light on the night inside the words reverberated thru the psyche's sight.  Am I right?

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It's the coffee - way too strong. Midnight twilight is a nice turn of poetic creativation. My psyche had gone to sleep hours ago. Nocturnal light is the onset of hangover - Oh, no! I mean the onset of inspiration - that haze surrounding the lamplit evening. I'm thinking: dreaming waking or nearly sleeply deeply seeking. I learned long ago: there is no right only write! Wrong is just that and attached to you is a Nikki Giovanni comment: "...I am so hip my errors are perfect..." Ego Tripping. U Rock! ~Stella~

Lady A