Vintage Words


Too much activity is hard on the heart

and the brain wants to rebel

and the feet hurt. Excitement sounds

like a headache about to happen.


So, what is the big deal about excitement?

I never understood needs that require large

expenditures of energy.


I tried swimming and took karate

and pulled muscles running and inhaled

too much of the city walking and almost

was run over by mad bicyclists.


I take my excitation vicariously via

films, books and television. I can hear

a great telling of woe and energy in a play

seen or read or intuited. 


To write poetry may be unexciting

to some, but to this poet, there is no

better way to exercise the fingers

and the mind and, besides, poetry

is written in feet.


I shall remain unexcited

and preserve heart and heels.

It is not visibly high excitation

but it is the poetic thing

to do.







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