Start And Stop

Vintage Words


This post comes with a p.s.

and a p.s.s. and a psst.


I am on board with dying.

Living bored sucks, but at least

I'm free to pick up my heart

and fling it once more

at the world.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Writing poetry has so many definitions :) slc

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bishu's picture

LOL Looks like U were on a fishing trawler

when u wrote this.

Image result for fishing trawler

Ur friend forever B



allets's picture

I Will Rock & Roll

and avoid pointy objects Nice trawerln. The S.S. Bish. Friends until the Earth ends. ~Lady A~


Lady A


schmuckjones's picture

Sounds Dangerous

Watch out for dirt dust and debris & sharp pointy objects.  I like it.

allets's picture

Dirt Dusted

On that trawler, I think a bit of grime is inevitable, as in living, I will pick it up like a feather duster running across the furniture and sills and shelves of my life. :D ~65 and loving it! Thanks for comment. Always smiles ~ Lady A ~


Lady A