If You Find A Nickel

Vintage Words


Turn it over to see if there is an Indian

head on the other side, if not keep

turning. Consider where it has been,

then consider germs and how many

hands the coin has palmed.


Keeping or pitching it depends

on your mindset. If a kid, no problem

the coin will be pocketed. A rich

woman may not pick it up at all.

A rich man will, understanding

the possibilities of rarity

and discovery in such acts.


Find a fountain, throw the nickle in,

then make a wish. There are many

uses for found nickles. It used

to have enough value to buy

an entire candy bar. Today, five

cents is worth the time

it takes to pick it up.







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schmuckjones's picture

Thats so strange to think about

5 cents, the weight it once had. 

allets's picture

I miss the fifities

Some parts of the 50's, (socio-economics sucked) but 5 cent candy bars now costs two quarters and the size of the tooth killer was huge and now relegated to the realm of nostalgia. Thanks for the read and comment - slc


Lady A