Vintage Words


It may not have come

with lots of new stuff

or the best meal choices

but the pain of not having

more to give was there

and that was gift enough.


It can not have been

easy with four kids

and no high school diploma.

Never enough to go

around, we simply waited

for our turn or a windfall.

Somehow, there was always

what we needed, security

and necessities.


A callas lilly next to

a mother's love pales

and wilts away. Measured

in smiles and hugs, life

grants what it grants.






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Gift Enough

I absolutely loved the ending, so very sweet. Being a parent forces people to sacrifice parts of themselves. Great work <3 I am the oldest of four,  my mom has always said she feels like we survive mostly by luck, haha.

Let your teeth show

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I Find God

in such survival. Whenever my country does something heinous and arrogant, ugly and vengeful, I remember how this place has my survival attached to it. All of us were aware of wanting as much as neighbors had, luck oh yeah, a big part of it, but moving to Detroit when I was eleven was the greatest bit of luck in our lives - we thrived on our own and apart and together and in unity around new babies and weddings, birthdays and holidays. An funerals and divorces. You take what you are apportioned and make it good or spend your life sad. I am glad we all opted for joy. I find God in that too. Thanks for the read  ~Lady A~


Lady A


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Nothing wrong with wanting,

Nothing wrong with wanting, it'll keep you humble and thankful. If I could change anything it would be the constant moving, but we were never unhappy. And Thank you!

Let your teeth show

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To Poet Is To Keep Moving Around

You learn different environments, learn early that travelling is fun and letting go is a thing. In a world that is changing faster than we can write down the statistic, being adaptable is a high value, a skill for survival. Glad to have connected. - slc



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