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Place you in your space and leave you there free

or in disgrace. Set the x on your particular spotted

positioned system and, wait for it, be there when we

arrive with guns blazing, bombs falling, and no

money to rebuild the fallen stone edifices

once we are done.


Some say this is war as it has always been but

some are wrong. A war means great assault, 

great insult in lives lost, in ground defiled.


I say the backyard is in ruins and wealth to rebuild

it invisible in a world of high tech devices and low

tech preparation for whatever new destruction

is unloosed next year.









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War & Tech ! I know that to

War & Tech !

I know that to some I'm nothing more than a knuckle dragging Neanderthal or at least that's what was said . but ? I learned to Fight out of Self Preservation,   I became a Fighter because I could not justifiably stand by an watch Cowards make themselves feel better about who they were by intimidating the weaker people . as I've told You I'm No Ones Hero . I'm just as scared as anyone else . but Fear makes Me mad that I'm scared and I use the anger as a tool . I became a warrior because I hate War an the Injustices of the world ..... I fought for Love.... My love for family for love of Country but mostly for love of children . I never want to see a child go through the horrors I have ... A child is a child there is no colors, hate ,prejudges in a child till We Teach them ! .....Somewhere in all this I was overwhelmed , lost sight of who I was an who I wanted to be ..... War's were once Honorable The good verses the bad thing.... Who was good an who was bad ? depended on which side you were on and decided by the historian's of who won an wrote the history lol  Anyway There Is No Honor in Corporate War ! Now day's. We don't fight for Right or Wrong or We'd already of sent ISIS an Such Groups sliding on their own blood all the way to Hell, To Bit Warlords wouldn't be carrying off hundreds of girls and getting by with it  .... 

Now let one little blinking light on a 80 inch monitor say there's trouble with our profits and the locals are causing it an won't negotiate  ... Give GPS concordats to location and 2 million cash to Senator ? with a 3% kickback on future profits to next Election Fund  .Next thing you know little jimmy who grew up next door never leaving the house but for school .locked in his room playing on the PlayStation an X-box  is getting the call from General so an so from central command to fire up the US Armed Forces es  Very Big X-Box  And with the GPS He flies a Drone over 8000 miles an Problem is now in Negotiations 
Nope there's no  Honor , Love or Justice in technology ... only bar grafts of Profits to be made from it !
Sorry Lady A this started out to be short an sweet on GPS  but Fingers had a mind of their own an wouldn't Shut the Fuck Up !         

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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Thanks For The Comment


It changes, the players. Putin's country is failing and he did not see that coming? How did Russia become an enemy again...the wall fell, relations relaxed. They still want their share of the world economy (such as it is) and the "West" is shaking its head. Again. Made in China took over made in japan, Russia has some kind of oil pipeline that owns Europe and is holding it hostage against a civil war for dominance over real estate. Did you hear, U.S. passed legislation to reinstitute "derivitives". Ha! It is hodgepodge, olio, and patchwork politics. The players change. World dominnace is less posssible than world destruction (which we have already obtained and it is a waiting game now for future generations). I tried to write about fear and ended up afraid. I tried to write an autobiography and ended up angry. War is a relative term. People die fast or slow. May historians have a long time to practice their art. Your long or short insights are always enlightening, Daniel-59. ~A~


Lady A